Frances at devaEver since I arrived in Spain, it feels like I am being activated by the Spirit. I am in supreme joy while being used as His communicator. I feel clueless about what everything is for and how everything I do or say fits in to the bigger plan, and yet the guidance is so very clear in each moment. The only thing I am clear about is the present moment and what to do or say or see NOW.

Spirit is the only Healer and I am healed as I allow Him to be in charge and guide me in every situation. I am healed as I allow Him to use me in the plan of healing. I feel the deep calling for God from everyone in the community. My constant prayer is “Use me, Please let me be truly Helpful for You”. This prayer always bring tears to my eyes.

Here in the community, we let go of the individual gain and loss and tap into the collaboration for the Whole. The feeling of vast connectedness is ever present. Life is unfolding moment by moment. We love sitting together by the pool in silence and allowing the quiet joy to extend from our hearts to the whole universe.

We are pure innocence. Only the ego thoughts tells us otherwise. There is a kind of joy that comes from very deep within that does not depend on any situation and does not need to be understood. There is a contentment radiating from the core of our being. Knowing that we are not what the ego tells us is enough. We can walk through this life and see everything as interconnected and there is no need to try to understand the past, the present and the future. Who we are is beyond this body, this life time, this situation, and all time and space. Seeing the false as false and seeing that the problem is not where it seems to be is the way out. Love is beyond all objects. Spirit is the undeniable truth. There is nothing to heal. Only a shift of perception is needed. The HOW is a mystery to the ego, and to accept that it is a mystery is both insulting and frustrating to the ego. Yet, the HOW is happening right now in this moment as orchestrated by the Spirit. All understanding comes the moment the ego is let go.

Let’s be grateful today for being grateful, for the feeling of love and connection and for being able to be vulnerable and authentic. “Gratitude to God becomes the way in which He is remembered, for love cannot be far behind a grateful heart and thankful mind.” – ACIM, Manual for Teachers, Sec 23

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