Frances has devoted her life to the practical application of the teachings of A Course in Miracles. She has followed a deep calling, leaving behind worldly temptations, and lives a life of divine providence, guided by the Holy Spirit. This way of life is a practice of letting go of the “I know” mind, and releasing the illusion of personal will and preferences. 

Frances frequently travels around the world sharing wisdom from an experience beyond all worldly concepts. Her gentle presence supports the mind to open and allow deeply buried blocks to come into awareness. She offers practical steps that lead to lasting peace and true freedom of mind. The message of Truth pours through her, offering clarity and insight into the mind’s inner workings.

Life can be lived in such a way that we are not driven by the problems of this day, but by the desire to live the highest spiritual truth and to represent the characteristics of Divine Love on earth.

Interviews and Articles

Interview by Thrive Global – Voices in Awakening

April 24, 2019: I had the pleasure of interviewing Frances Xu. Frances grew up as an atheist. In the middle of a successful career as a financial consultant, she felt an inner calling to leave her old life behind and follow the guidance that would lead her all the way...

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Choose Once Again

[Article written for Miracles Worker Magazine, Issue No.143]: Love is a choice. Life is a choice. Darkness is a choice. Heaven or hell is but a choice. That's the good news. Heaven is and always has been here, now, in the mind, free to reach. Can you imagine the...

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My Life is My Message

[Article written for Miracle Network Magazine]: Civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi used to tell people that his life was his message. This is true for anyone who lives on planet Earth. Jesus says in A Course in Miracles, ‘To teach is to demonstrate’. (M-In.2:1) As...

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