Take Me Home is a documentary movie about the awakening journey directed by Frances Xu.

Without experience, script, or any plan, Frances directed the film with the inner guidance that was given to her step by step.

The movie follows a group of volunteers and participants as they arrive at a modern-day monastery for the Tabula Rasa Mystery School. As time goes by, they find themselves going through the dismantling of old self-concepts and beliefs as they open up to love in ways they had not expected.

Take Me Home takes you on a journey as its characters break free from repression and avoidance in the face of difficult emotions. It is a song, an experience of love, and a witness to the perfection of the plan for awakening. Every prayer is answered, every tear wiped, and every encounter destined.

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I feel like I was all of the characters—they make up all of us. Your commitment to stand fast and to not know, to stand in the not knowing; that kind of courage is so inspirational.

It is so rich. It is so deep. My heart cracked open. When I looked into people’s eyes, we were all changed.

- Carol

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