2019 Miracle Network ACIM Conference

On May 17–19, 2019, Frances will speak at the Miracle Network A Course in Miracles Conference in Solihull, England!

2019 Miracle Network Conference

Frances’ Topic for the Conference: Freedom Now

Future happiness is not our just reward, for we have cause for freedom nowT-26.8.9:1-3 All problems can be solved NOW! Yet in a state of conflict, a mind receives no solution. Within us is another state of mind where all answers already exist. Together, we give up the attempt to look for answers in this world. And we learn to access the Holy Instant where all answers abide, all fear dissolves, and only Love is remembered.

Let it ALL come

Allow and welcome all there is to arise in this moment…Nothing is denied and nothing is pushed away

Illusions are brought to Truth as darkness is illuminated by Awareness

Duality is transcended while seeing through both sides of the dream

Let it ALL go

Let go of all conclusions, interpretations, and concepts

Let go of all memories from the past and all concerns about the future

Let this moment be a moment of awakening where boundaries and thoughts are laid aside

Do you want to see what you denied because it is the truth?