No “body” is good or evil. Evil is but the separate self, wanting pride, pleasure, and grandiosity for itself. It wants ownership for itself. It compares itself with others and judges them as better or worse. It doubts its brothers, seeking to find darkness in them.

The temptation to join with the ego is strong. Just like Frodo in The Lord of the Rings, we are the ring bearers, going through a seeming journey of letting go of the ring (the temptation to join with darkness). On the journey, we will face the desire to judge, to doubt, and to possess. We will face the lure of powerful self-concepts and grandiosity. But they all lead to pain and death.

How we see others is both the cause and effect of our state of mind. We cannot see another as ego unless we have chosen to hold darkness in our own mind. When we see light in another, it is only because we have chosen to join with the light in our own mind. In that light, we have dispelled darkness for a moment. And yet, this moment is all that matters. It shows us who we are and what we are capable of.

Like the ring bearer, after facing the temptations and fulfilling our function, we will transcend this world. For everything in this world serves but one single purpose for us: choosing light over darkness. Nobody will lead us astray, as our path was chosen a long time ago. Everyone, despite their seeming motives, can’t help but lead us to our predetermined path. And we have to walk the path and face the blocks in our own mind. Mighty companions will be by our side. Their function is to walk with us for a little while until we have finished our mission together.

Nobody is different, except in our minds. How we choose to see them is the only thing we can change about the journey we are on. It doesn’t matter that the temptation seems strong and that we have fallen into darkness too many times before. Choose light in this moment and we will teach ourselves and the whole universe who we truly are.

It can be hundreds of years that someone seems to have lingered in darkness, but one moment of our unwavering trust in them can call them back from all the guilt and hatred they seemed to carry. But really, it isn’t they who carry the burden, because it is a shared burden we all carry whenever we choose the ego in our mind.

Trust your brothers so that you can light up your own mind and show yourself that the lineage of the Christ is not broken in you. Even when your most beloved seems to turn away from you, know that you can still hold trust in your mind. Your trust will light up their mind and your own. You are the savior of this world because the world is in you.


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